Welcome to Spritzer Dance Co. & Performing Arts School

Practice. Perform. Progress. 


Amy Topham           07809 704 212    info@spritzerdancecompany.co.uk 


Looking for Street / Hip Hop / Break / Funk / House / Contemporary classes and performance groups? Hey, look no further. Here at Spritzer we push versatility, confidence and creativity and we thrive on pushing performers to reach their full potential. Like the sound of that? Please do browse the site and do not hesitate to contact Amy if you have any questions.


Laughter and having fun is key here at Spritzer!

“Spritzer has shaped who I am as a person. Amy and others have given me so much confidence”

 Megan Sutton



Performance group competing at County Arts Competition

“I am blessed to be part of Spritzer and Amy and my peers have taken me on an amazing journey. I am now continuing my journey at London Contemporary.”

Natifah White







Practice. Perform. Progress.


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